After three years active duty in the US Marine Corps, Shelby began his business career as the Data Processing Manager for a regional department store chain. The very high cost of equipment, and the long lead times to bring programs into production in that era gave him a clear understanding of the fundamental processes that are the foundation of most businesses. He led the development of a full suite of applications to support the department store’s accounting and merchandising functions, including many leading edge innovations within the retail marketplace.

When he formed Kern Business Systems, the department store became a customer. Additional new customers included several credit unions, two major oil companies, a steel fabricator, a credit counseling service company, and several agri-business firms. To support the requirements of these new customers, KBS expanded beyond its on-line computing offerings to add computer-output-microfiche to its product line. Both divisions of the company produced operating profits from their inception.

After selling KBS, Shelby accepted the position of US General Manager of a British based computer software company. The first US employee of the company, he built the sales, marketing, technical support, and administration operations, managed two of the company's product development teams, and served as US Executiver VP and Chief Financial Officer. As the primary American spokesman for the company, he developed and maintained strategic relationships with major global vendors. He developed and executed a sales strategy for the company that quadrupled its gross profits in a single year.

When he moved to Georgia, Shelby incorporated $uperbill Corporation, a medical billing company. The revenue model developed for the company was incentive based so that both the clients and the company would benefit from better performance. A real advantage to clients was that their costs remained fixed as a percentage of income. After four successful years in a very difficult marketplace, the company was sold.

Shelby and a partner formed Star-Tech, Inc., which was incorporated in 2005. The company marketed services that ran over the internet to companies of all sizes, not-for profit organizations, and churches. All of the services were sold on a subscription basis, and were hosted on the company’s own server farm. He served as Chairman and CEO until the company was closed in early 2017, when both he and his partner retired.

Robert's Rules of Business was formed in early 2018 in order to provide sophisticated executive services to small businesses at a price that they could afford in their formative years.

A devoted husband and father, a civic leader, an internationally published author on information process automation, a singer and choral director of barbershop harmony, and a private pilot, Shelby attended Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, to study Economics and Business Administration, and Fresno State University in Fresno, California to major in Electrical Engineering. He is a member of Kiwanis International, Technical Association of Georgia, and serves as an elder in his church. He is a member of the Metro Atlanta and Cobb County Chambers of Commerce and has served as a Team Leader for the Cobb Chamber’s CEO Roundtable. A former school board member and school board president, and recreation district board member, he was recently selected to receive the prestigious Flourish Award from Kennesaw State University for contributions to the performing arts in the Cobb County business community.